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Caracas Maiquetía International Airport (Simón Bolívar) (CCS)

Full Airport Name

Caracas Maiquetía International Airport (Simón Bolívar)


Maiquetía, Edo Vargas, Venezuela 1161

Airport Code


Country Code



(0212) 303 1329/30


(0212) 355 1224



Number of Terminals


Time Zone

GMT - 4.5


The airport is amid 26km (16 miles) arctic of Caracas.

Transfer Amid Terminals

The two terminals are affiliated by a banal walkway. A chargeless shuttle bus account additionally links the terminals.

Driving Directions

Upon departure the airport, chase signs to Autopista/Caracas and drive through a toll-booth and two tunnels (Boquerón I and Boquerón II). Then accumulate larboard as you admission a third adit (La Planicie) and chase signs to Petare. The adit will accompany you into Caracas.

Car Parking

The airport provides short- and abiding car parking accessories at both terminals. The car parks are attainable 24 hours a day, seven canicule a week.

Car Hire

Car appoint companies represented at the airport are Aco Alquiler, Amigo, Auto 727, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Margarita Rental and Rojas. Car appoint desks are amid in both terminals.

Public Transport

Road: Bus: UCAM buses run amid the airport and Caracas (journey time - 40 minutes); bus stops are calmly abutting to the busline stations in Caracas.

Taxi: An official 24-hour auto account is provided by Corporación Anfitriones de Venezuela. There is a characteristic chicken board in the Arrivals areas of both terminals breadth cartage can pay for the cruise in advance; cartage are brash not to use the actionable taxis, which acclaim for business in the terminal. Taxis are attainable from alfresco the Arrivals and Departures of both terminals.

Information and Help Desks

Information desks are strategically amid throughout both terminals, with two desks in the International Terminal (tel: (0212) 303 1526/7/8) and on in the Domestic Terminal (tel: (0212) 303 1403/8).

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: Bureaux de change, ATMs, cyberbanking and telecommunications casework and postal casework are attainable in both terminals. There is an accurate bagman account in the Domestic Terminal. Accessories to send/receive faxes and Internet admission are attainable at the Cantv appointment on akin 3 of the International Terminal. Pay phones and IDD telephones can be begin in both terminals.

Eating and drinking: Restaurants, fast-food outlets, cafés and confined are amid throughout both terminals.

Shopping: There is a array of shops in both terminals. The duty-free boutique is amid in the International Terminal.

Luggage: A left-luggage account is attainable in both terminals. Trolleys are attainable throughout the airport. Beware of breezy porters who tend to overcharge.

Other facilities: Medical and paramedical casework are attainable in both terminals. There is pharmacy and several biking agencies and bout operators in the International Terminal.

Conference and Business Facilities

There is no full-service business centre at the airport. However, accessories to send/receive faxes, photocopying, IDD telephones and Internet admission are attainable at the Cantv appointment on akin 3 of the International Terminal, attainable circadian 0800-2000. Executive lounges at the airport accommodate the Simón Bolívar Lounge on the additional attic of the Domestic Terminal and the Venezuela Lounge in the International Terminal. The American Airlines Admiral Club is anchored on the additional attic of the International Terminal (after security), while the United-Iberia lounge is additionally anchored on the additional attic of the International Terminal.

Facilities for Disabled Travellers

The airport is calmly attainable to disabled travellers, and lifts and ramps are attainable breadth necessary. Cartage acute wheelchairs should acquaintance their airline in advance. Disabled parking is attainable in both the short- and abiding car parks.


A Hilton auberge is currently beneath architecture and will be amid anon adverse the International Arrivals area. There are two four-star hotels abreast the airport, Auberge Ole Caribe (tel: (0212) 331 1133) in Macuto, and Auberge Puerto Viejo (tel: (0212) 352 4044) in Catia La Mar. There are abounding added four- and best hotels amid in Caracas, including the Caracas Hilton, Embassy Suites, Eurobuilding, Melia Caracas and Tamanaco InterContinental. The Four Seasons Caracas (tel: (0212) 280 1000) offers a car account amid the airport and hotel, for which a fee is payable.