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Gimhae International Airport (PUS)

Full Airport Name

(Busan) Gimhae All-embracing Airport


2350, Daejeo 2-Dong, Gangseo-Gu, Busan 618-142, Republic of Korea

Airport Code


Country Code



(051) 974 3114




Number of Terminals


Time Zone

GMT + 9


The airport is anchored 22km (13 miles) west of Busan.

Airport News

Gimhae's fresh all-embracing terminal opened in the autumn of 2007.

Transfer Amid Terminals

Free airport buses shuttle cartage amid the terminals.

Driving Directions

The airport is anon affiliated to above routes, with the Gyeongbu Expressway (Route 1) arch to the airport from the arctic and the Namhae Expressway (Route 6) arch in from the west. The airport is anchored off the Dongseo Elevated Road and is signposted.

Car Parking

There is parking for some 4,000 cartage at the airport, with car parks in advanced of anniversary terminal. The car parks are acclimated for long- and concise parking; there is additionally a account parking lot. Advice on parking at the airport is attainable during the day on (051) 970 2644 and at night on (051) 970 2436 or 2442.

Car Hire

Car appoint companies Avis, Jangpung, Jeju Car Rental, Gumho, Samsung and Tongilro are represented at the airport, with advice and anxiety attainable at the advice desks in both terminals.

Public Transport


The Busan alms arrangement band 2 (tel: 1330; website: connects the burghal centre with Deokchon station, from breadth bus 307 connects with the airport at 10 minute intervals.


Bus: There are common attainable buses confined assorted destinations about Busan (journey time - 30-60 minutes); accurate buses additionally serve Ulsan, Masan, Gyeognju, Pohang, Yangsan and Jinhae. Ujin Airport Bus auto buses run to the Haeundae and Busan Stations via above hotels. There are additionally common attainable buses from the airport. Bus 307 is a actual acceptable route, confined Haeundae, Dongnae alms base and market, Gupo station, and the Deokcheon Interchange. Bus 310 runs to the Western Accurate Bus Terminal and to Nampodong.

Taxi: Deluxe and accustomed taxis are readily attainable from ranks alfresco the terminals.

Information and Help Desks

There is an advice centre on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal (tel: (051) 974 3772/3) and the aboriginal and additional floors of the Domestic Terminal (tel: (051) 974 3774/5); flight and day-tripper advice desks can be begin here. There are additionally blow awning advice casework on the aboriginal attic of anniversary terminal. General airport advice is attainable too (tel: (051) 974 3114). The Busan Tourism Association has an advice board on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal (tel: (051) 973 2800).

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: A column appointment on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal offers all-embracing blast calls and buzzer services. There are banks in both terminals and bureaux de change in the All-embracing Terminal. An ATM is anchored in the Busan Tourism Association office, on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal. Telephones are amid throughout both terminals.

Eating and drinking: There are bite confined on the aboriginal attic and a restaurant on the additional attic of the All-embracing Terminal. There are bite confined on the aboriginal and additional floors of the Domestic Terminals and a restaurant, café and barbecue on the third attic of the Domestic Terminal; there is additionally a restaurant abutting to the Domestic Terminal, abreast the entrances.

Shopping: Shops accommodate book stores, two pharmacies, allowance shops and bounded produce; a administration abundance is anchored in the All-embracing Terminal. Duty-free arcade is amid on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal, afterwards security.

Luggage: Lost acreage is handled by the Airport Police, on the aboriginal floors of both the Domestic Terminal (tel: (051) 974 2403) and All-embracing Terminal (tel: (051) 973 0100). The accoutrements appointment is on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal; accuse alter depending on the admeasurement of your luggage.

Other facilities: There are biking agencies, baby rooms, a medical centre, a barbershop and adorableness salon, bubbler fountains and smoker apartment and art galleries.

Conference and Business Facilities

A business allowance is amid on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal; accessories accommodate affair rooms, telephone, fax machines and computers. There is additionally an airline lounge on the aboriginal attic of the All-embracing Terminal.

Facilities for Disabled Travellers

Braille maps are provided on the aboriginal attic of both terminals for visually-impaired travellers and toilets are physically attainable throughout the terminals. Lifts affix all floors of both terminals. Parking is attainable to disabled travellers, with aloof spaces in advanced of the terminals; there is a 50% abatement for disabled drivers announcement a accurate badge. Braille blocks amid the terminals and car parks accommodate advice for the visually impaired. Wheelchair abetment is provided to unaccompanied accession and abandonment passengers; cartage acute wheelchairs and appropriate abetment should acquaint their airline above-mentioned to travel.


There are no hotels at the airport, the majority actuality in Busan burghal centre. Hotels afterpiece to the airport accommodate Hotel Grand (tel: (051) 5050 0937; website: and Hotel Paragon (tel: (051) 328 2001; website: Other hotels in the area, abounding of which can calmly be accessed via the abounding bus routes confined the airport, accommodate the Westin Chosun Beach Hotel (tel: (051) 749 7000; website:, and the Busan Hotel Lotte (tel: (051) 810 1000; website: Some hotels accept advice desks in the All-embracing Terminal and can align a shuttle account to/from the airport.