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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

Full Airport Name

Guangzhou Baiyun All-embracing Airport


Guangzhou, China

Airport Code


Country Code



(020) 8613 7273 (customer service) or 3606 6999 (flight information)




Via the airport's website


Number of Terminals


Time Zone

GMT + 8


The airport is amid 28km (17 miles) arctic of Guangzhou burghal centre. It straddles the bound of the arctic Renhe Town in the commune of Baiyun and the eastern Xinhua Town in the commune of Huadu

Airport News

Guangzhou Baiyun All-embracing Airport opened in 2004, replacing the old Baiyun Airport. It covers 15 sq km (6 sq miles). It has two runways and a third is planned, accepted to be completed by 2010. A fresh alms band abutting the burghal and the airport is beneath architecture and is appointed for achievement in 2009. It will accept a advised best acceleration of 120kph (75 mph).

Driving Directions

A fresh six-lane freeway connects the airport with the city, and active either way is aboveboard as both the burghal and the airport are able-bodied signposted.

Car Parking

There are two car parks at the airport, an alfresco parking lot and a ample covered car park. Both concise and abiding parking is available. In accession there are several abate VIP parking lots.

Car Hire

Self-drive cars are available, although best visitors accept to appoint a car with a disciplinarian (often from their hotel).

Public Transport

Road: Taxi: Taxis are accessible from the auto angle alfresco the terminal building. Limousine casework are additionally available. Bus: Airport Express bus routes (tel: (020) 8612 2102) alpha from the airport and annex out to assorted destinations in the Guangzhou and Pearl River Delta region. Several go to the burghal centre and the abounding big hotels there. Buses abandon every 15 account from appropriate alfresco the arrivals area.

Information and Help Desks

There are several advice desks (tel: (020) 8613 7273), both on the aboriginal and the third attic of the terminal building.

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: ATMs, a bank, a adopted bill barter account and two column offices are all amid in the terminal building. Eating and drinking: There are several cafes and restaurants both in the arrivals and the departures areas. Shopping: Shopping opportunities are abounding at the airport. In accession to the duty-free shops, there are shops affairs electrical appliances, clothes, books, jewellery, cosmetics, covering items, bounded ability items and wine and cigarettes. There is additionally an accustomed accessibility abundance in the terminal. Luggage: There are larboard baggage accessories (tel: (020) 3606 6854) on the aboriginal and third levels in the terminal building. A absent and begin appointment (tel: (020) 3606 6946) is amid in the abandonment anteroom on the third floor. For baggage inquiries, alarm (020) 3606 6763 (domestic) or 6790 (international). Other facilities: There are several children's comedy apartment in the abandonment anteroom and a babyish alteration allowance in the arrivals hall. The terminal aboriginal aid base (tel: (020) 3606 2664 or 8612 2926, 24 hours) is amid in the arrivals anteroom on the aboriginal floor.

Conference and Business Facilities

There are business centres with faxes, printers, computers and archetype machines on the aboriginal and third akin of the terminal building.

Facilities for Disabled Travellers

There are toilets for disabled bodies as able-bodied as lifts in the terminal.


The airport's official hotel, the Novotel Baiyun Airport Guangzhou (tel: (020) 3606 8866), is amid aloof a few minutes' airing from the terminal building. The Good East Airport Auberge (tel: (020) 8645 8585) is amid alone a 5 minutes' drive from the airport, in the Renhe district. It has a chargeless airport shuttle bus to and from the airport.