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Brisbane City Guide

Brisbane is the third better Burghal in Australia and is the basic burghal of Queensland. It is amid in abutting adjacency to the Pacific Ocean and stands on the plains of River Brisbane amid Great Dividing Range and Morton Bay, in the south eastern allotment of Queensland.

Brisbane, Australia adventures a sub-tropical altitude with hot summers and balmy winters. During summertime the boilerplate best temperature is about 30 bulk Celsius. In winter the boilerplate temperature of Brisbane is about 17 bulk Celsius. 96 mm is the bulk of boilerplate account condensate that is recorded in Brisbane.

The Population in Brisbane in Queensland is about 16,00,000 people.

The capital industries of Brisbane comprises of advice technology, banking services, college education, Petroleum refining, cardboard milling, metal working. Tourism industry is awful developed in Brisbane and adds a fair bulk to the country's economy.

Brisbane, Australia has a acceptable art and music culture. Bodies of Brisbane has acquired success apple advanced with their music performances. The burghal is culturally affluent with abounding museums, theatres and approved contest booty abode in these places. Queensland Performing Arts Center organizes approved shows of opera Music and ballet dance.