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Colombo City Guide

Colombo is the basic burghal of Sri Lanka anchored on Sri Lanka's west coast. Colombo in Sri Lanka is a actual crawling city. The breadth of Colombo is about 37.31 aboveboard km. The littoral burghal of Colombo adventures a close blazon of climate.

Colombo Sri Lanka has a citizenry of about 642, 200. The citizenry of Colombo comprise assorted indigenous groups like the Tamils, Sinhalese and Moors. Indian and European communities additionally abide in the city. Colombo functions as the authoritative basic burghal of Sri Lanka. The bounded area of Colombo burghal is 6º 55' N breadth and 79º 52' E longitude.

The altitude of Colombo burghal is of close variety. Monsoon division in Colombo extends from October to January and additionally from May to August. In summer, boilerplate temperature is about 31 amount Celsius. The average temperature charcoal about 22 amount Celsius in the winter season. This blazon of acute action makes Colombo one of the ideal destinations to absorb a holiday.

The cardinal position of Colombo contributed to its acceptable one of the important sea ports of Sri Lanka. The burghal came beneath Dutch, Portuguese and British rules afore it acquired its ability in 1948. Formerly, Colombo was additionally accepted as Kalantotta. There are 6 authoritative capacity of Colombo.

The arctic genitalia and southern genitalia of the burghal of Colombo are hilly. To the south east and eastern genitalia of the city, littoral acreage are located. The arctic eastern and arctic boundaries of Colombo are bound by river Kelani. There are abounding canals that breeze through the city. Beira Lake is an important baptize anatomy of the city.