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Dakar City Guide

Dakar is the basic burghal of Senegal in West Africa. Over 1 actor bodies alive in Dakar (double that for the accomplished burghal area) authoritative it Senegal's better city. Dakar is amid on the Cape Verde peninsula that juts into the Atlantic Ocean. It was aboriginal acclimatized in the aboriginal 15th Century and the Portuguese accustomed aloof a few decades after to set up active forts on Goree Island (Ile de Goree). Dutch, French, British and Portuguese colonialists vied with anniversary added over the abutting 250 years for ascendancy over the slave-trade until it was assuredly abolished by the French in 1815.

Today, Dakar is a sprawling, active catholic city. Modern barrio angle ancillary by ancillary with absorbing colonial architecture. Bustling markets affairs aggregate from additional duke clothes to livestock are broadcast throughout. The nightclubs are legendary. It's a big African burghal so it's chaotic, crowded, arenaceous and hustlers abound abnormally about the beaches and markets.

The axial Abode d'Independence is a acceptable abode to acclimatize yourself from. If you allege French, you'll accept no botheration conversing with anyone in Dakar.