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Havana City Guide

Capital of Cuba is Havana, which is the affection of Cuba. Cuba is a Caribbean island amid amid the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, 150 km south of Key West, Florida.

It comprises of mostly collapsed to rolling plains, with asperous hills and mountains in the southeast. From the ablaze Spanish colonial architectonics of the Old Town, to the amazing annihilation of Havana Centro, it is a burghal of athletic survivors and adept musicians, who bedrock agilely to the bunched exhausted of the rumba.The burghal rocks and attracts tourists through out the year, with winter (December to April) actuality the island's aiguille day-tripper season. Havana is the best of Canadians and Europeans mainly, who appear in chase of the southern sun. The bounded beaches abide awash by the Cubans, who booty their holidays in July and August. Christmas, Easter, and the aeon about 26 th July, aback it is the ceremony of Cuban revolution, the burghal charcoal chock-full.

Tourist spots in Havana

. Havana possesses one of the best accustomed harbors n the Caribbean, and the beaches of Havana are as alien as accessible with the adorable Spanish culture.

. Though beneath bright and metropolized, Havana charcoal safe and arranged with an glut of absorbing museums. Colon necropolis, which is advised amid the best important about the apple due to the affluence in art pieces it encloses, constitutes addition abode of absorption worth-visiting in the city.

. One of the best added accustomed barrio of Havana is the Capitol, which treasures beneath its arch the Statue of the Republic, the third tallest of its affectionate in the world.

. The Gran Teatro de La Habana concentrates a abundant bulk of the best cultural spectacles while the Paseo del Prado tree-lined aisle receives circadian hundreds of bodies of this blithesome and catholic city.

. Havana's amphitheater action counts on a actual enthusiast accessible and a cardinal of theaters amid which the National Theater, accepting several rooms, Mella, Hubert de Blanck, America, and Amadeo Roldán are some, which angle out.

Havana the basic of Cuba is a crumbling, withering, alien and animate burghal . It happens to be the additional better burghal in the Caribbean and the centermost of allure of Cuba. Havana still stands able as it was 100 years back. Today alike afterwards the little accident by the country's war and revolution, the streets of Havana are bedeviled by the American automobiles from the 50's and 60's. The night activity of Havana is apperception alarming with absolute music, cinemas, celebrated theaters, cabarets and nightclubs. The alleged accidental burghal congenital above the age-old walls, shows assorted architectural styles, renaissance, Moorish, colonial bizarre and Cuban baroque. Cuban music, announcement of the amalgam of several cultures that identifies the Cuban is broadly represented in accustomed activity and goes above the bounded frontiers to allure bodies in scenarios all over the world.