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Jackson City Guide

Originally accepted as Parker'ville, the burghal of Jackson was founded for the sole purpose of creating a centrally amid basic for the accompaniment of Mississippi. In 1821, the Mississippi General Assembly accomplished three men to chase for a site. After analysis the area, they assuredly accomplished LeFleur's Bluff, the armpit of a French-Canadian trading column congenital in 1792. They appear to the General Assembly that the breadth boasted admirable and advantageous surroundings, affluence of beginning water, and abounding timber. As an added bonus, the adjacent Pearl River was absolutely navigable, and the armpit was amid abreast the Natchez Trace (a above barter route). Satisfied with the location, the Assembly anesthetized a aldermanic act on November 28, 1821 to baptize the breadth as the abiding bench of the Mississippi accompaniment government. The burghal was called for war hero Andrew Jackson (who would after become president), and the accompaniment assembly convened there in December of 1822.

Jackson was a cardinal accomplishment centermost for the Confederate States during the Civil War, due in ample allotment to the alliance of two above railroad curve in the city. It was captured by Union troops in the Battle of Jackson in May of 1863. General Sherman austere and looted key accessories in the city, and again confused his troops on to appoint the defenders of adjacent Vicksburg. The Confederate soldiers reassembled in Jackson and set out to accomplishment Vicksburg. Unfortunately for them, Vicksburg had already surrendered. General Sherman and his men met the Confederate soldiers, block them aback to Jackson and laying annoy to the city. The Confederates slipped abroad during the night and aloof beyond the Pearl River. This time, Sherman ordered the burghal austere to the ground, earning it the amusing appellation "Chimneyville."