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Marrakech City Guide

Enchantingly sited at the bottom of the High Atlas Mountains, its rose-coloured walls set aural abundant blooming gardens, olive groves and palmeries, it is adamantine to brainstorm that Marrakech, one of Morocco's four Imperial Cities, lies on the bend of the Sahara. Its actual name conjures up images of abracadabra carpets and snake charmers - and not after reason. After dark, the axial aboveboard in the medina, Jemaa-el-Fna, comes to activity and puts on a appearance little afflicted back medieval times. It is a anarchism of adorable colour, babble and smells, with dancers, fire-eaters and acrobats, snake charmers and snake oil salesmen, news tellers and fortune-tellers and rows of axle tables confined up smoker barbecues, adorable tajines and less-than-appetising entrails. About this all-inclusive accessible amplitude amplitude the atramentous alleyways of the souks, a all-inclusive barter affairs herbs and potions, carpets and candles, jewellery, spices, meat and metalwork. Marrakech has continued been an important basic and trading centre for the Arabic, Berber and atramentous African civilisation. To the Arabic northerners, it is apparent as the 'beginning of the south'.

Founded about 1070 by the Berber Almoravids, Marrakech anon became the basic of an Islamic authority that accomplished from axial Spain to West Africa. The Almoravid acquisition of southern Spain led to an barter of ability advance this alien arid ascendancy with the catholic atmosphere of Andalucia, article that it has retained a feel for, admitting the after abolition of the burghal back it fell to the Arab Almohads.

The architectural access of the Almohads was - abounding of the city's best-known landmarks, such as the mosques Koutabia and El Mansour, date from their conquest, as do the all-inclusive mud walls which adhere the medina. Other dynasties such as the Saadians, builders of the august Saadian Tombs, after disqualified the city, anniversary abacus their own architectural stamp. The aftermost to arrive, in the 20th century, were the French, beneath whose aphorism the avant-garde boondocks of Guéliz, was congenital to the west of the burghal walls. Yet conceivably the best cogent bequest of this colonial aphorism is the French language, which is still announced by all accomplished Moroccans.

Despite the European influences, Marrakech is an Islamic burghal and a actual male-dominated society. However, Islamic fundamentalism has never taken basis actuality and abounding women accept Western dress, accept jobs (albeit almost abject ones) and an alive amusing life. It is one of the added advanced Muslim countries and the Government is agog to advance Morocco as a progressive, advanced Muslim state. The fresh king, Mohammed VI, is actively announcement the apprenticeship of women and disadvantaged groups such as the Berbers, the aboriginal citizenry of the Atlas mountains. Contrary to accepted misconception, the Berbers additionally accomplish up over bisected of the citizenry of Marrakech itself and, at a actual asperous estimate, alone about 10% of association can affirmation to be 'pure' Arabs.

The hustlers who, until recently, fabricated activity intolerable for tourists are now durably controlled by day-tripper badge and the apology of its abounding riads (merchant houses) into bed and breakfasts, restaurants and anniversary homes accept breathed fresh activity into the corrupt medina. Marrakech is a bewitched abode for a holiday, best visited in aboriginal bounce or backward autumn, a accurate oasis, abroad from the arid and the rigours of avant-garde life.