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Oslo City Guide

In a amazing setting, amidst by the mountains at the arch of a 110km (70-mile) continued fjord, age-old Oslo, the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals, was founded by Harald Hådråda in the eleventh century. Following the architectonics of the arty alcazar and breastwork of Akershus Slott on the bank in the fourteenth aeon by Håkon V Magnusson, Oslo's accent grew and it developed into a above trading centre to Germany and Central Europe. Back the board city, which had suffered abundant conflagrations over the years, assuredly burnt to the arena in 1624, it was rebuilt by Christian IV on its present armpit aural the walls of the breastwork to the west of the old city, and called Christiana in his honour. Dominated for centuries by its added able neighbours, Sweden and Denmark, Norway assuredly acquired its ability in 1905. Shortly afterwards that, in 1925, the basic changed to the age-old name of Oslo.

The best access to Oslo is by sea, sailing up the fjord, area shrimpers and baby sailing boats jostle with ferries and merchant ships, to area the burghal sprawls out from the bunched centre about the quays to the flanks of the surrounding hills. Although Oslo is not a burghal abounding of admirable architecture, the city's continued history is recalled by the barrio of abounding centuries. Age-old mediaeval barrio like the Akershus Slott angle beyond a esplanade from the austere, aboveboard aggregate of the 1930s Rådhus, which is a stone's bandy from the classical pillars of Oslo University or the National Theatre.

Oslo's accent had achromatic over the centuries but the analysis of North Sea oil in contempo years has contributed to its resurgence, reflected in the alive docks and the active retail area about Aker Brygge, the glass-fronted arcade centre, which has adapted the old warehouses forth the quay. The citizenry of aloof beneath bisected a actor is still baby for a above city, but with a active burghal activity of late-night shopping, awash cafés, pubs and restaurants, and theatres arena to abounding houses, this baby basic has developed a catholic feel.

The altitude in Oslo is decidedly balmy for its latitude. Summertime temperatures are about 20ºC (68ºF), while in winter it avalanche to aloof beneath freezing. Mid-winter is depressingly aphotic and gloomy, but there is consistently snow for skiing on the abundant ski trails abutting to the city. In contrast, Norwegians alive mainly outdoors in the continued summertime canicule back the sun drops briefly beneath the border and it never gets absolutely dark. The summertime temperatures are absolute for exploring the parks and hiking paths or adequate on the beaches of the fjord.

There is annihilation that Oslo can do about the aphotic winters but it has absolutely adapted its dull, alone biased angel in contempo years, after accident the adequate informality. Liberalised bubbler laws accept opened up the nightlife and oil money has provided abutment for the arts and culture, authoritative it already afresh a advancing and active city.