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Paphos City Guide

The burghal of Paphos on the southwest bank of Cyprus was the basic of the island in Roman times, and dates from 1400 BC. Legend has it that the burghal is congenital on the atom breadth the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was born. The burghal additionally has abounding access to and charcoal from aboriginal Christianity. Over the centuries it has survived abundant adopted incursions and raids, and alike a adverse convulsion in the 4th aeon AD. It absent out to Larnaca as a above anchorage in the Middle Ages and accomplished a abatement during the British colonial aeon back development of this allotment of the island came to a standstill.

Today, however, Paphos is animating on the backbone of tourism and government advance in basement such as dams, anchorage and airport. Private initiatives accept additionally resulted in a bang in the architecture of hotels, apartments and villas. The burghal has become a accepted bank resort with a ample population. The Ktima breadth of the burghal is the capital residential area, while Kato Paphos is the amphitheater of holidaymakers, congenital about the medieval anchorage with its abundant affluence hotels, tavernas and ball venues.