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Potosi City Guide

UNESCO declared this a Apple Heritage Site because of its affluent history and Spanish architecture. Potosi is accepted as the Imperial Burghal and is anchored at the bottom of Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) acclaimed for its mineral wealth. The Spanish created one of the best important and crawling cities on the continent, afterwards the analysis of the silver-rich abundance in 1545. Anchored at an distance of added than 13,123ft (4,000m), it is additionally the accomplished burghal in the apple although not absolutely the advancing burghal that it already was.

The architectonics is its capital allure with a audible Spanish access axiomatic in the houses and admirable churches. There are an alarming 80 colonial churches in the burghal abounding with art and artefacts from their history, conspicuously the Convent of San Francisco and the Convent of Santa Teresa.

A appointment to the burghal would be awry after a cruise to the mines of Cerro Rico area miners, alive in alarming conditions, dent abroad at the bedrock walls in the achievement of abundance to come.