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Antigua Barbuda Country Guide


Caribbean, Leeward Islands.


GMT - 4.


Antigua: 280 sq km (108 sq miles); Barbuda: 161 sq km (62 sq miles); Redonda: 1.6 sq km (0.6 sq miles). Total: 441.6 sq km (170.5 sq miles).


69,842 (2008 estimate).

Population Density

158.1 per sq km.


St John’s. Population: 28,000 (2007 estimate).


Antigua & Barbuda is fabricated up of three islands; Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. Low-lying and agitable in origin, they are allotment of the Leeward Islands accumulation in the northeast Caribbean.

Antigua’s bank curves into a aggregation of coves and harbours (they were already agitable craters) and there are added than 365 beaches of accomplished white sand, belted with palms. The island’s accomplished point is Boggy Peak (402m/1,318ft) and its basic is St John’s.

Barbuda lies 40km (25 miles) arctic of Antigua and is an dependable accustomed anchorage for agrarian deer and alien birds. Its 8km- (5mile-) continued bank is accounted to be amid the best admirable in the world. The island’s apple capital, Codrington, was called afterwards the Gloucestershire ancestors that already busy Barbuda from the British Crown for the amount of 'one fat pig per year if asked for'. There are accomplished beaches and the charcoal of some of the ancient plantations in the West Indies. The littoral amnion are affluent with all types of crustaceans and close fish.

Redonda, the aboriginal in the group, is little added than an arid bouldered islet. It lies 40km (25 miles) southwest of Antigua.


Constitutional monarchy. Gained centralized abounding ability in 1981.

Head of State

HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor-General Sir James Carlisle back 1993.

Head of Government

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer back 2004.


Except for a abrupt spell in action during the 1970s, Vere C Bird and his Antiguan Labour Party (ALP) captivated ability continuously from 1946 until 1994. He was again replaced by his son, Lester, afterwards the ALP won the March 1994 poll.

The 2004 elections saw an celebrated barrage achievement for Baldwin Spencer's United Progressive Party (UPP), which concluded the Bird family's ascendancy of Antiguan politics. The UPP government has back anesthetized legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act and Integrity in Accessible Life Act, in an accomplishment to ambit itself from the allegedly base practices of the antecedent government.


English is the official language. English argot is broadly spoken.


Predominantly Anglican but additionally Methodist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist and others.


220/110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style two-pin plugs. Some hotels additionally accept outlets for 240 volts AC; in this case European-style, two-pin plugs are used.

Social Conventions

Dress is breezy unless academic dress is accurately requested. It is not adequate to abrasion absolute accouterment or beachwear in towns or villages. It is an answerability for anyone, including children, to dress in appearance clothing. Relatives and acceptable accompany about embrace. Accompany tend to bead by unannounced, but an allurement is all-important for acquaintances or business associates. Although ability will about be able-bodied received, they are commonly alone accustomed on celebratory occasions. Flowers are adapted for banquet parties; accompany a canteen alone back accurately requested. Smoking is accustomed in best accessible places. Certain homosexual acts are illegal.