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Aruba Country Guide


South Caribbean.


GMT - 4.


193 sq km (74.5 sq miles).


1,010,541 (2008).

Population Density

526 per sq km.


Oranjestad. Population: 30,000 (2005).


Aruba is the aboriginal island in the Leeward accumulation of the Dutch Caribbean islands, which additionally accommodate Bonaire and Curaçao; they are bargain accepted as the ABCs.

As the westernmost island of the group, Aruba is the final articulation in the continued Antillean chain, lying 20km (12.5 miles) off the Venezuelan coast. The island is 30km (19.6 miles) continued and 9km (6 miles) beyond at its widest, and has a collapsed mural bedeviled by Jamanota Mountain (188m/617ft).

The west and southwest coast, accepted as Palm Beach, boasts 11km (7 miles) of palm-fringed powder-white bank while, in contrast, the east bank has a abandoned and austere bank of asperous rocks carved into appropriate shapes by the anguish surf.


Dependency of the Netherlands. In 1986 Aruba afar from the blow of the Netherlands Antilles.

Head of State

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, represented locally by Governor-General Fredis Refunjol back 2004.

Head of Government

Prime Abbot Nelson Oduber back 2001.


Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo (MEP) captivated assimilate its majority at the best contempo poll in September 2005. Immigration and the abridgement bedeviled the campaign. Oduber has led the MEP back 1986. He was ahead prime abbot from 1989-1994 and won a additional appellation in 2001.


The official accent is Dutch. English and Spanish are additionally spoken. The islanders additionally allege Papiamento, which is a aggregate of Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Indian languages.


82% of the citizenry are Roman Catholic. There are additionally Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Confucian and Jewish communities present.


120 volts AC, 60Hz.

Social Conventions

Much of the amusing action takes abode in hotels area the atmosphere will be informal, generally American in feel. The islanders do not abrasion shorts in boondocks admitting it is adequate for visitors to do so. Bathing apparel are carefully for bank or poolside. In the evenings bodies tend to dress up, abnormally back visiting the casinos. Jackets are not appropriate for men, except for official government functions.