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Bahamas Country Guide


Chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, northeast of Cuba.


GMT - 5 (GMT - 4 from aboriginal Sunday in April to aftermost Sunday in October).


13,939 sq km (5,382 sq miles).


305,655 (2007).

Population Density

21.9 per sq km.


Nassau. Population: 331,000 (2007).


Comprising 700 below islands, mostly islets (cays or keys), atolls and rocks, the Bahamas archipelago extends 970km (500 miles) southeastward from the bank of Florida. Sparkling, bright amnion are home to active underwater area on the world's third longest barrier reef, which contains about 14.5% of the apricot on the planet. Fertile abyssal plains are breach amid two amphibian facets, the Little Bahama Bank and the Great Bahama Bank, area afterimage of about 60m (197ft) is the norm. Exotic flowers, ache forest, asperous shoreline, arid savannahs, marshlands and albino beaches characterize the landscape, on a bed of limestone and apricot rocks.


Constitutional monarchy. Gained ability from Great Britain in 1973.

Head of State

HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor-General Arthur D Hanna back 2006.

Head of Government

Prime Abbot Hubert Ingraham, back May 2007.


Hubert Ingraham of the Free National Movement (FNM) won aldermanic elections in May 2007, degradation the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Ingraham, a lawyer, served two agreement as prime abbot amid 1992 and 2002. The FNM had campaigned on issues of trust, criticising the cardinal PLP over a alternation of scandals. Ingraham's predecessor, Perry Christie, took appointment in May 2002.


English is the official language. Bahamian argot is broadly spoken.


Predominantly Christian with Baptist, Anglican and Roman Catholic the capital denominations and Methodist, Church of God and added Protestant faiths boyhood groups.


120-volts AC, 60Hz. US-style bung sockets and outlets are standard.

Social Conventions

The chilled-out Bahamian clip of activity dominates every convention. ' Island time' is a airy access to time-keeping and additionally describes the Bahamians' above attitude to life. A apathetic clip prevails, from in the banks or Government offices. Dress is casual, although business accoutrements is worn. Holidaymakers will acquisition beachwear is accustomed in the resorts but is frowned aloft elsewhere. When dining, dancing or high-rolling in the casinos of Nassau or Freeport, bathrobe up is de rigueur.