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Bermuda Country Guide


Western Atlantic Ocean.


GMT - 4 (GMT - 3 from aboriginal Sunday in April to aftermost Sunday in October).


53.74 sq km (20.75 sq miles).


66,536 (official appraisal 2008).

Population Density

1,238 per sq km.


Hamilton. Population: 1,000 (UN appraisal 2008).


Bermuda consists of a alternation of some 180 apricot islands and islets lying 1,046km (650 miles) off the bank of Cape Hatteras. The seven better of the islands are affiliated by bridges and one causeway to anatomy the arch mainland. There are no rivers or streams and the islands are absolutely abased on condensate for beginning water.


British Crown Colony back 1684. Gained centralized freedom in 1968.

Head of State

HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor Sir John Vereker back 2002.

Head of Government

Premier Ewart Brown back 2006.


Bermuda is a British Abased Territory and is said to accept one of the world's oldest parliaments, dating from 1620.

Ewart Brown ousted the antecedent prime minister, Alex Scott, in October 2006. Brown additionally runs the tourism and carriage portfolio. Alex Scott succeeded the Progressive Labour Party's (PLP) Jennifer Smith in July 2003 afterward a defection by affair associates who banned to serve beneath her. Mr Scott's PLP championed ability from the UK, a band followed by Brown. The PLP won for a third-straight appellation afterwards the elections captivated in December 2007.


English is the official language. There is a baby Portuguese population. Added languages are announced by Bermuda's association basic from about the world.


Anglican, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist and added Christian denominations.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. American (flat) two-pin plugs are standard.

Social Conventions

Many of Bermuda's amusing conventions are British influenced, and there is a actual English feel to the islands. It is absolutely accepted to affably accost bodies on the street, alike if they are strangers. Accidental abrasion is adequate in best places during the day, but beachwear (including abbreviate acme and 'short' shorts) should be bedfast to the beach. Almost all hotels and restaurants crave a acute accidental dress in the evenings; analysis dress requirements in advance. Non-smoking areas will be marked. Drinking booze in accessible alfresco of a accountant apriorism is prohibited.