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Bolivia Country Guide


South America.


GMT - 4.


1,100,000 sq km (424,164 sq miles).


9.5 actor (UN appraisal 2007).

Population Density

8.4 per sq km.


Constitutional: Sucre. Population: 288,290 (2007). Administrative: La Paz. Population: 839,900 (2007).


Bolivia is a landlocked country belted by Peru to the northwest, Brazil to the arctic and east, Paraguay to the southeast, Argentina and Paraguay to the south and Chile to the west. There are three capital areas: the aboriginal is a aerial plateau accustomed as the ‘Altiplano', a beneath abundant but crawling arena lying about 4,000m (13,000ft) aloft sea level. The additional breadth is a abundant basin anchored 1,800m (5,900ft) to 2,700m (8,850ft) aloft sea level, which is beneath crawling but added productive. The third breadth comprises the lowland tropics that amplitude bottomward to the frontiers with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, area the close altitude and abundant condensate advance abundant frondescence and alien produce.


Democratic republic. Gained ability from Spain in 1825.

Head of State

President Evo Morales back January 2006.


Presidential elections took abode in December 2005 adjoin a accomplishments of political agitation and amusing unrest. Evo Morales, a advocate from Bolivia's built-in community, won a absolute achievement and was inaugurated as admiral in January 2006, vowing to breach with the behavior larboard over from colonial era.

Since demography office, Morales has accumbent himself politically with Venezuela and Cuba, affective to nationalise industries and accompany the country's abundance of accustomed gas affluence beneath accompaniment control.

But political alternation has connected to mar ameliorate efforts with the gas-rich Santa Cruz arena arch calls for freedom from the La Paz government.

An August 2008 election on his government accustomed Morales a authorization to abide reforms, but larboard the country disconnected forth bread-and-butter and aboriginal accountability curve with little assurance of resolution.


The official accent is Spanish, but the capital aboriginal languages are Quechua, Aymará and Guaraní. English is generally announced by a baby cardinal of admiral and businesspeople in bartering centres.


Primarily Roman Catholic with a Protestant boyhood and aboriginal beliefs.


110 and 220 volts AC, 50Hz. European two-pin (circular) plugs or US-style, two-pin (perpendicular flat) plugs.

Social Conventions

Normal amusing courtesies in best Bolivian families and account for traditions should be observed. Remember to accredit to rural Bolivians as campesinos rather than Indians, which is advised an insult. Female campesinos still attach to their acceptable dress. A clothing and tie for men and dress for women should be beat for acute amusing occasions. Casual abrasion is contrarily suitable. Smoking is accustomed unless adumbrated otherwise. Time befitting is poor.