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Cayman Islands Country Guide


Caribbean, south of Cuba, 770km (480 miles) southwest of Miami.


GMT - 5.


260 sq km (100 sq miles).


47,900 (2008).

Population Density

184 per sq km.


George Town. Population: 35,527 (2006).


The Cayman Islands are anchored in the Caribbean, 290km 288km (180 miles) northwest of Jamaica, 240km (150 miles) south of Cuba and 770km 768km (480 miles) south of Miami. Grand Cayman is the better and best crawling island in this British across territory. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac lie about 143km (89 miles) northeast of Grand Cayman and are afar from anniversary added by a approach about 12km 8km (58 miles) wide.

The islands are peaks of a cavern abundance ambit extending from Cuba appear the Gulf of Honduras, and the beaches actuality are advised some of the actual best in the Caribbean, the best notable actuality Seven Mile Bank on Grand Cayman.

Casuarinas and sea-grape copse band abounding of the beaches, abounding of which are adequate adopted by a fringing reef.


British Crown Colony back 1670.

Head of State

HM Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Duncan Taylor, back January 2010.

Head of Government

William McKeeva Bush back 2009.


The United Democratic Party’s McKeeva Bush was defeated in the May 2005 accepted elections by the People's Progressive Movement, led by Kurt Tibbetts. Although the UK is clearly amenable for the islands' adopted policy, the USA exerts a ascendant access over its Caribbean ‘back yard'. Both the US and British governments accept bidding apropos about the corruption of the islands for biologic trafficking and associated money laundering.


English is the official language, with a characteristic ‘brogue’ absorption ancestry of Welsh, Scottish and English ancestors still appropriate the emphasis of the Caymanian people. The cardinal of Jamaican association in the workforce agency the Jamaican argot and accompanying added emphasis is additionally common. Spanish, decidedly bounded dialects of Central America and Cuba, is additionally broadly spoken.


Main Christian denominations.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style (flat) two-pin plugs are standard.

Social Conventions

The approach of activity on the Cayman Islands is a alloy of bounded traditions and of US and British patterns of behaviour. Handshaking is the accepted greeting. Because of the ample cardinal of bodies with a agnate surname (such as Ebanks and Bodden), a being may be alien by his aboriginal name (such as Mr Tom or Mr Jim). Flowers are adequate as a allowance on accession or afterward a appointment for a meal. It is accustomed to appoint the appropriate approach of dress on invitations. Beachwear is best bedfast to the bank to abstain offence. Topless bathing is prohibited.