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China Country Guide


East Asia.


GMT + 8. Despite the all-inclusive admeasurement of the country, Beijing time is accepted throughout China.


9,596,960 sq km (3,705,406 sq miles).


1.3 billion (CIA, 2008). Roughly a fifth of the world's citizenry lives in China.

Population Density

135.5 per sq km.


Beijing ( Peking). Population: 16.3 actor (2007), estimated 17 actor in 2008. Chongqing is the better burghal area, with a citizenry of added than 31 million. Shanghai has a citizenry of over 18 actor and, as of 2004, 11 added cities had a citizenry of over 2 actor and 23 cities had a citizenry of 1 to 2 million. At China's accepted amount of urbanization, it is predicted that by 2025, the nation will accept 219 cities with added than 1 actor inhabitants.


China is belted to the arctic by Russia and Mongolia; to the east by Korea (Dem Rep), the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea; to the south by Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bhutan and Nepal; and to the west by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. China has a assorted breadth alignment from aerial plateaux in the west to flatlands in the east; mountains booty up about one-third of the land. The best notable aerial abundance ranges are the Himalayas, the Altai Mountains, the Tian Shan Mountains and the Kunlun Mountains. On the bound with Nepal is the 8,848m (29,198ft) Mount Qomolangma ( Mount Everest). In the west is the Qinghai/Tibet Plateau, with an boilerplate acclivity of 4,000m (13,200ft), accepted as ‘the Roof of the World'. At the abject of the Tian Shan Mountains is the Turpan Depression or Basin, China's everyman area, 154m (508ft) beneath sea akin at the everyman point. China has abounding abundant river systems, conspicuously the Yellow (Huang He) and Yangtze River ( Chang Jiang, additionally Yangtze Kiang). Only 10% of all China is adequate for agriculture.


People's Republic. China comprises 23 ambit ( China considers Taiwan its 23rd province), bristles free regions, two appropriate authoritative regions and four municipalities anon beneath axial government.

Head of State

President Hu Jintao aback 2003.

Head of Government

Premier Wen Jiabao aback 2003.


China is absolute by the Civic People's Congress (NPC), the nation's admiral and arch of the People's Republic, and the active of alone ministries. The NPC is captivated every bristles years and abounding by some 3,000 assembly fatigued from bigoted administrations, the aggressive and assorted accompaniment organs.

While China's political basement charcoal solid, its amusing and bread-and-butter foundations are alive rapidly. Having opened up to the apple in the 1990s, and abutting the Apple Trade Organization in 2001, China's abridgement has benefited from cogent inflows of adopted investment, so abundant so that China is now the better holder of US government debt and owns the better adopted barter affluence of any nation in history. Socially, China is now analytic for a fresh identity. Having hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and with the 2010 Apple Expo in Shanghai and the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou on the horizon, China's burghal citizenry is added globalised than at any point in history, and is gluttonous to amalgamate a affection for all-around brands into several millennia of Chinese history and culture. It is additionally added assured and nationalistic than ever, with contest like 2008's aboriginal spacewalk by a Chinese astronaut and the development of the world's fastest alternation (Shanghai Maglev) and longest cross-sea arch (Hangzhou Bay Bridge) evoking astronomic civic pride - and ambience expectations that the Middle Kingdom is destined to become the world's abutting superpower.


The official accent is Mandarin Chinese. Among the astronomic cardinal of bounded dialects, ample groups allege Cantonese, Shanghaiese (also accepted as Shanghainese), Fuzhou, Hokkien-Taiwanese, Xiang, Gan and Hakka dialects in the south. Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang, which are free regions, accept their own languages. Translation and analyst casework are good. English is announced by abounding guides and in hotels. Abounding auto drivers do not allege English, alike in big cities.


China is clearly Atheistic, but the declared religions and philosophies are Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. There are 100 actor Buddhists and about 60 actor Muslims, 5 actor Protestants (including ample numbers of Evangelicals) and 4 actor Roman Catholics, abundantly absolute of Vatican control.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Two-pin and three-pin sockets are about in use. However, best 4 to 5 brilliant hotels are additionally active for the use of 110 volt appliances.

Social Conventions

Cultural differences may actualize misunderstandings amid bounded bodies and visitors. The Chinese do not usually advance advice and the company is brash to ask questions. Hotels, alternation dining cars and restaurants about ask for criticisms and suggestions, which are advised seriously. Do not be affronted if you are followed by a crowd; this is alone an accessible absorption in visitors who are attenuate in the further provinces. The Chinese are about aloof in manner, address rather than acquaintance actuality preferred.

The abounding appellation of the country is ‘The People's Republic of China', and this should be acclimated in all academic communications. ‘ China' can be acclimated informally, but there should never be any association that addition China exists. Although handshaking may be sufficient, a company will frequently be greeted by acclaim as a assurance of welcome. The accepted acknowledgment is to acclaim back. Anger, if felt, is accepted to be buried and arguments in accessible may allure adverse attention.

In China, the ancestors name is consistently mentioned first. It is accepted to access a little aboriginal if arrive out socially. Back dining, guests should delay until their bench is allocated and not activate bistro until adumbrated to do so. If application chopsticks, do not position them cocked in your rice basin as the action symbolises death. Toasting at a meal is actual common, as is the custom of demography a amusement back visiting someone's home, such as fruit, confectionery or a allowance from a home country. If it is the home of accompany or relatives, money may be larboard for the children.

If visiting a academy or a factory, a allowance from the visitor's home country, decidedly article which would be bare in China (a argument book if visiting a school, for example), would be abundant appreciated. Stamps are additionally actual accepted as gifts, as stamp-collecting is a accepted amusement in China. A adequate allowance for an official adviser is a Western advertence book on China.

Conservative accidental abrasion is about adequate everywhere and absolute clothes should be abhorred aback they may account offence. Visitors should abstain cogent political or religious opinions.

Photography: Places of celebrated and breathtaking absorption may be photographed, but permission should be approved afore photographing aggressive installations, government barrio or added possibly acute subjects.

Photography: Do not booty photographs at aggressive establishments, airports or of any infrastructure, including dams and bridges or from aircraft. The penalties can be severe.