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Costa Rica Country Guide


Central America.


GMT - 6.


51,100 sq km (19,730 sq miles).


4.6 actor (2009).

Population Density

90 per sq km.


San José.


Costa Rica, lying amid Nicaragua and Panama, is a complete coast-to-coast articulation of the Central American isthmus. Its amplitude ranges from 119km to 282km (74 to 176 miles). A low, attenuate band of hills that rises amid Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua, broadens as it enters arctic Costa Rica, eventually basic the high, rugged, mountains in the Pacific Northwest and the centre of Costa Rica.

The southern bisected of the country is bedeviled by mountains of tectonic origin; the accomplished aiguille is Chirripó Grande, which alcove 3,820m (12,530ft). More than bisected the citizenry alive on the Meseta Central, a plateau with an candid climate. It is the ambience for the country's capital, San José. There are lowlands on both coastlines, mainly addled on the Caribbean coast, with savannah and dry backwoods on the Pacific Northwest amalgamation into mangrove and rainforest southward. Rivers cut through the mountains, abounding bottomward to both the Caribbean and the Pacific.


Republic. Gained ability from Spain in 1821.

Head of State

President Laura Chinchilla Miranda back 2010.


Columbus landed in what is now Costa Rica in 1501. Under the aphorism of General Tomas Guardia amid 1870 and 1882, Costa Rica developed abounding of its arch avant-garde characteristics, conspicuously the basal role of the Catholic Church in civilian affairs and an adherence to the attempt of democracy. Throughout the 20th century, Costa Rica enjoyed accord and a abiding advance in prosperity, with the notable barring of a civilian war in 1948, which followed a acknowledged presidential election. Significantly, Costa Rica is the alone country in the arena to accept abolished the civic army.


Spanish is the official language. English is broadly spoken. Some French, German and Italian is additionally spoken.


Almost absolutely Christian, with Roman Catholic majority.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. Two-pin plugs are standard.

Social Conventions

Handshaking is accepted although is about limp, and academic titular abode is important. Christian names are preceded by Señor for a man and Señora for a woman, but Don is acclimated to abode a awful admired man and Doña for a changeable equivalent. Normal courtesies should be empiric back visiting someone's home and ability are accepted as a badge of thanks, abnormally if arrive for a meal. For best occasions accidental abrasion is acceptable, but beachwear should be bedfast to the beach.