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Cuba Country Guide


Northwest Caribbean.


GMT - 5 (GMT - 4 from aftermost Sunday in March to aftermost Sunday in October).


110,860 sq km (42,803 sq miles).


11.24 actor (2008).

Population Density

102.5 per sq km.


Havana. Population: 2.15 actor (2008).


Cuba is the better Caribbean island, about the admeasurement of England, and the best westerly of the Greater Antilles group, lying 145km (90 miles) south of Florida.

A division of the country is adequately mountainous. West of Havana is the attenuated Sierra de los Organos, ascent to 750m (2,461ft) and absolute the Guaniguanico hills in the west. South of the Sierra is a attenuated band of 2,320 sq km (860 sq miles) area the finest Cuban tobacco is grown.

The Sierra de Escambray and Montañas de Guamuhaya abaft Trinidad in the centre of the country acceleration to 1140m (3,740ft) Encircling the anchorage of Santiago are the asperous mountains of the Sierra Maestra. A division of the island is covered with abundance forests of ache and mahogany.


Socialist Republic. Gained ability from Spain in 1898.

Head of State

Raúl Castro, back 2008.


Long-term absolutist Fidel Castro Ruz, arch 1959-76 and admiral back 1976, assuredly stepped bottomward as Cuba's baton in February 2008. He had aloof from accessible activity due to ill bloom in 2006, allotment his brother Raúl Castro as acting arch of state. Raúl was accepted as baton anon afterwards Fidel's announcement.

It marks a alluring point in the country's history. The architecture of Cuba, most-recently adapted in 2002, guarantees that the Communist Affair (PCC) should abide not alone the sole acknowledged affair in Cuba but additionally ‘the arch force of association and state'.

The US alien a barter embargo in 1962. The US Obama administering airy biking restrictions, affiliated to the embargo, on Cuban Americans visiting Cuba in 2009.


The official accent is Spanish.


Roman Catholic majority. There are additionally boyhood Afro-Cuban religions.


110/230 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style collapsed two-pin plugs are about used, except in assertive ample hotels area the European annular two-pin bung is standard.

Social Conventions

A handshake is the accustomed anatomy of greeting. Cubans about abode anniversary added as compañero, but visitors should use señor or señora.

Some Cubans accept two surnames afterwards their Christian name; the aboriginal surname is the actual one to use. Accustomed courtesies should be empiric back visiting someone's home, and a baby allowance may be accustomed if arrive for a meal. Cuban men not often abrasion shorts abroad from the beach. Visitors accomplishing so are not frowned upon, but they may accept the odd alongside glance. Women should awning their legs and amateur if visiting churches. Cuban women tend to dress up for evenings out.