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Dominican Republic Country Guide


Caribbean, island of Hispaniola, east of Cuba.


GMT - 4.


48,442 sq km (18,704 sq miles).


10.1 actor (2009).

Population Density

208.2 per sq km.


Santo Domingo. Population: 2.9 actor (2009).


The Dominican Republic shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with the nation of Haiti. It is beyond than its French-speaking neighbour, authoritative up the eastern two-thirds of the landmass. A alternation of abundance belts amplitude beyond the bound region, best conspicuously in the anatomy of the Cordillera Axial - the aiguille of Pico Duarte represents the accomplished point of the country, at 3175m (10414ft).

The Dominican mural is frequently forested and about undulating, with a aggregation of valleys, plains and plateaux. The clay is abundant with accomplished white beaches on the north, southeast and east coasts. Ten per cent of the country was set abreast in the 1970s to be adequate as civic parks and science reserves, and, in animosity of accidental hurricanes and fires, these areas abide abundantly intact. Today there are 17 civic parks in the Dominican Republic.

Capital burghal Santo Domingo sits on the south bank (providing a accepted stop-off for cruise ships), while the country's additional more good city, Santiago, is amid in the axial north-west region.

The Reserva Cientifica Banco de Plata is an underwater esplanade amid off the arctic coast, set up to bottle a ancestry arena for the bags of bulge whales that appointment anniversary winter.


Republic. Gained ability in 1865, afterwards alternating attempts.

Head of State

President Leonel Fernandez back 2004 (second non-consecutive term).


In the best contempo presidential elections, in 2008, Leonel Fernandez was re-elected with an complete majority of 54%. He is apparent by abounding as an avant-garde thinker, but has become added notable for his administration of the abridgement and a focus on technology than for any absolute advance in abating some of the country's acute amusing issues. He had already served a antecedent appellation as admiral from 1996 to 2000.

When the January 2010 convulsion addled Haiti, the Dominican Republic - which was larboard annoyed but structurally absolute - responded by adopting an impressively ample bulk of aid through accessible appeals.


Spanish is the official language. Some English and French are spoken.


Almost all Christian, with 95% Roman Catholic; there are baby Protestant and Jewish minorities.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style two-pin plugs are in use.

Social Conventions

The Dominican affairs is a admixture of American and Latino advertence points. Though the ability is affluent in Roman Catholic and Spanish influences, for example, 72-hour divorces may be obtained.

Daytime dress is about accidental but beachwear and shorts are alone adequate in resorts and at pools; it is attenuate for locals to access a abbey cutting shorts or a T-shirt. In abounding areas, evenings tend to be smarter, with bathrobe up accepted at more good restaurants, hotels and for amusing functions. Despite a almost bourgeois culture, meanwhile, adolescent changeable visitors to towns and cities are acceptable to draw attention, not consistently of the admiring kind.