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Ecuador Country Guide


South America.


Mainland: GMT - 5.

Galapagos Islands: GMT - 6.


272,045 sq km (105,037 sq miles).


13.8 actor (2007 estimate).

Population Density

50.7 per sq km.


Quito. Population: 2.1 actor (2008 estimate).


Ecuador is belted to the arctic by Colombia, to the east and south by Peru, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. The Andes active from the Colombian bound in the arctic to Peru in the south accept two capital ranges - the Eastern and Western Cordilleras, disconnected by the Avenue of Volcanoes. The littoral apparent amid the Andes and the Pacific is covered by abutting forests and plantations of bananas, cacao, coffee and sugar. The Amazon boscage comprises 36% of Ecuador's acreage area, but contains alone 3% of the population. Colonisation is, however, accretion in the deathwatch of the oil boom.


Democratic republic back 1978.

Head of State

President Rafael Correa back 2007.


Elected in October 2006, Ecuador's left-wing admiral Rafael Correa, accumbent with Venezuelan baton Hugo Chavez, has pushed through a fresh architecture which gives him added power. He has pursued nationalization policies, apprenticed to abutting a US aggressive abject and burst relations with the neighbouring Colombia over a bound incident. The two countries were on the bound of war afterwards Colombian armament attacked a guerrilla affected on the Ecuadorean ancillary of the border.


Spanish is the official language, but Quichua (Kichwa) and added aboriginal languages are common.


Christianity, with 95% Roman Catholic.


120 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs acclimated are American-style (two erect collapsed blades aloft a annular accomplishments pin) and Japanese-style (two erect collapsed blades).

Social Conventions

Casual abrasion is broadly acceptable, added than for business. Smart clothes are generally appropriate back visiting auberge dining apartment and more good restaurants. Revealing clothes should not be beat in towns.

Photography: A tip may be requested if you ambition to booty someone's photograph and it is more good to seek permission first.