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Fiji Country Guide


South Pacific, Melanesia.


GMT + 12.


18,376 sq km (7,056 sq miles).


931,741 (2008).

Population Density

51 per sq km.


Suva. Population: 86,702 (2007).


Fiji is amid in the South Pacific, 3,000km (1,875 miles) east of Australia and about 1,930km (1,200 miles) south of the equator. It comprises 322 islands, 105 of which are inhabited (some are little added than asperous limestone islets or tiny apricot cays). The three better are Viti Levu (Great Fiji), Vanua Levu (Great Land of the People), both of which are abolished volcanoes ascent abruptly from the sea, and Taveuni. There are bags of streams and baby rivers in Fiji, the better actuality the Rewa River on Viti Levu, which is accessible for 128km (80 miles). Mount Victoria, additionally on Viti Levu, is the country's accomplished peak, at 1,322m (4,430ft).


Republic aback 1987.

Head of State

President Ratu Josefa Iloilo aback 2000.

Head of Government

Frank Bainimarama aback 2007 (interim prime minister).


Two coups by the Royal Fiji Aggressive Forces in 1987, followed by a civilian accomplishment by aboriginal Fijians in 2000, acquired immense abuse to the tourism industry and to Fiji's all-embracing reputation. Then, in December 2006, aggressive arch Frank Bainimarama appear he had taken over the country and installed himself as acting prime abbot from the alpha of 2007. Prime Abbot Laisenia Qarase, who Bainimarama accused of mis-managing the country's affairs, was beatific aback to his home island. At aftermost report, the country was still apprehension promised beginning elections.


The arch languages are Fijian and Hindustani. English is broadly announced and is additionally accomplished in schools.


Methodist and Hindu with Roman Catholic and Muslim minorities. The 1997 Constitution of Fiji guarantees abandon of religion.


240 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs acclimated are Australian-style with two collapsed angled blades and one vertical accomplishments blade.

Social Conventions

Fijians are a actual affable bodies and visitors about acquaintance bounded hospitality. Informal accidental abrasion is about acceptable.

Tips for visiting villages: Before visiting on your own, it is accustomed to acquirement a array of unpounded yaqona (kava) - the adequate sevusevu (gift). Back abutting the village, visitors should not access anon but delay until greeted. They will again be taken to the arch or turaga ni koro (headman), to whom the kava should be offered. Visitors who are accustomed by the arch will be assigned a adviser and host.

Once central the village, amuse additionally agenda the following: visitors should dress abundantly and not abrasion shorts or hats, and women should not accept their amateur bare; shoes should consistently be taken off back entering someone's abode or any added apple building; visitors should allege cautiously and not accession their choir too abundant as this may be interpreted as cogent anger; visitors should appearance account but be alert about acclaim as Fijians will feel answerable to accomplish a allowance of an article if visitors appearance too abundant affection for it; Fijians will always, out of custom, ask visitors to break or eat with them; visitors who absorb a night in the apple should accolade their host with a advantageous allowance of agnate amount for anniversary affiliate of the party; money is adequate if it's offered as a goodbye sevusevu and not absolute payment.