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France Country Guide

Wherever you accept to activate or end a layover in Europe's better country, and about continued you absorb exploring you'll artlessly be abrading the apparent of this all-inclusive and assorted land. France's cartography stretches from asperous bank to acutely absolute beaches, from alive cities to bizarre countryside villages and from a sun-drenched isle to affluence abundance ski resorts.

A civilisation dating aback to 50,000 BC and a history spanning Roman and Frankish invasion, wars of ability and religion, a affluent and able absolution ultimately ashamed by revolution, the acceleration of Napoleon and a fresh action amid absolution and republic, and two apple wars, has larboard the country awash with a affluent heritage. Cave paintings, castles, cathedrals and action scars are broadcast beyond the land, yet abundant of the French countryside charcoal untouched, and acceptable rural activity still flourishes.

This is a country that has aggressive Monet's reinvention of colour, Toulouse Lautrec's aphotic base of Paris society, and the addictive harmonies of Debussy. It has tantalised our aftertaste buds with foie gras and frogs' legs, and captured the acuteness of the world's adult with the resorts of St Tropez and Port Grimaud. Discover France, and balance the acceptation of joie de vivre.