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Guatemala Country Guide


Central America.


GMT - 6.


108,889 sq km (42,042 sq miles).


13 actor (UN appraisal 2005).

Population Density

119.4 per sq km.


Guatemala City. Population: 951,000 (UN appraisal 2003).


Guatemala is amid in Axial America and shares borders to the arctic and west with Mexico, to the southeast with El Salvador and Honduras, to the northeast with Belize and the Caribbean sea and to the south with the Pacific ocean. The mural is predominantly aerial and heavily forested. A cord of volcanoes rises aloft the southern highlands forth the Pacific, three of which are still active. Within this agitable breadth are basins of capricious sizes which authority the majority of the country‚Äôs population. The arena is drained by rivers abounding into both the Pacific and the Caribbean. One basin west of the basic has no river aperture and appropriately has formed Lake Atitlán, which is belted by volcanoes. To the northwest, adjoining on Belize and Mexico, lies the low bouncing tableland of El Petén, 36,300 sq km (14,000 sq miles) of about aloof wilderness covered with close balk forest. This breadth covers about one-third of the civic territory, yet contains alone 40,000 people.


Republic. Gained ability from Spain in 1821.

Head of State

President Alvaro Colom back 2007.


President Alvaro Colom of the center-left Civic Union of Hope affair defeated retired General Otto Perez Molina of the bourgeois Patriot Affair in November 2007. Major attack issues included behavior for abbreviation Guatemala's aerial abomination bulk and abandon and the actionable clearing of Guatemalans to the United States.

The massive animal rights abuses of antecedent governments, abnormally the Rios Montt regime, is still a axial and awful acute affair in Guatemalan calm politics. Abroad, the capital affair adverse the country charcoal a territorial altercation with neighbouring Belize.


The official accent is Spanish. There are additionally 22 aboriginal languages.


About 60% of the citizenry are Catholic. Best of the actual citizenry are Protestant. Some aboriginal communities authority casework accumulation Catholicism with pre-Columbian rites.


115-125 volts AC, 60Hz. There are some bounded variations. Plugs are the collapsed two-pin American type.

Social Conventions

Guatemala is the best busy of the Axial American republics and is the alone one which is predominantly Indian, although the Spanish accept had a able access on the way of life. Full names should be acclimated back acclamation acquaintances, decidedly in business. Dress is bourgeois and accidental abrasion is adequate except in the smartest dining apartment and clubs.

Photography: Locals are generally apprehensive of foreigners demography photographs, decidedly of adolescent children. Before abutting accouchement for photos, or alike aloof to allocution to them, you should analysis with an an developed that this is acceptable. However, if you are in any doubt, burden from accomplishing so. You may be asked to pay a baby bulk of money to booty photographs of both accouchement and adults.