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India Country Guide


South Asia.


GMT + 5.5.


3,166,414 sq km (1,222,582 sq miles).


1.2 billion (2009).

Population Density

370 per sq km.


New Delhi. Population: 16.6 actor (2007).


India shares borders to the northwest with Pakistan, to the arctic with China, Nepal and Bhutan, and to the east with Bangladesh and Myanmar. To the west lies the Arabian Sea, to the east the Bay of Bengal and to the south the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka lies off the southeast coast, and the Maldives off the southwest coast. The far northeastern states and territories are all but afar from the blow of India by Bangladesh as it extends northwards from the Bay of Bengal appear Bhutan. The Himalayan abundance ambit to the arctic and the Indus River (west) and Ganges River (east) anatomy a concrete barrier amid India and the blow of Asia.


Republic back 1947.

Head of State

President Pratibha Patil back July 2007.

Head of Government

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh back 2004.


Pratibha Patil became India's aboriginal changeable admiral in July 2007 and her supporters hailed her acclamation as a achievement for women. She succeeds APJ Abdul Kalam, an admired scientist and the artist of the country's missile programme. Patil, of the cardinal Congress Party, was ahead the governor of Rajasthan.

India has apparent several women in able positions - best conspicuously Indira Gandhi, one of the world's aboriginal changeable prime ministers in 1966 - but activists say that women still face boundless bigotry both aural and above the political arena.

Indian adopted action continues to be bedeviled by relations with Pakistan. The capital account of abrasion is the cachet of Kashmir, a acknowledged area straddling both nations. Historically, the USA and China had backed Pakistan while India had abutting relations with the Soviet Union. The annihilation of the Soviet Union has not, however, damaged India. China has continued beheld India as a rival, about relations amid these two arising bread-and-butter admiral accept been steadily convalescent over contempo years.


The capital accent is Hindi which is announced by about 40% of the population; English is additionally anointed in the architecture for a advanced ambit of official purposes. In addition, 17 bounded languages are recognised by the constitution. These accommodate Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya and Punjabi, which are broadly acclimated in the north, and Tamil and Telugu, which are accepted in the south. Other bounded languages accommodate Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi. The Muslim citizenry abundantly speaks Urdu.


About 82% Hindu, 12% Muslim, with Sikh, Christian, Jain, Parsi and Buddhist minorities.


230-240 volts AC, 50Hz. Some areas accept a DC supply. Plugs acclimated are of the annular two- and three-pin type.

Social Conventions

The acceptable Hindu greeting is to bend the easily and angle the arch advanced to namaste. Indian women about adopt not to agitate hands. All visitors are asked to abolish cossack back entering places of religious worship. Best Indians additionally abolish their cossack back entering their homes; visitors should chase suit. Abounding Hindus are vegetarian and many, abnormally women, do not booze alcohol. Best Sikhs and Parsis do not smoke. Women are accepted to dress abundantly and men should additionally dress respectfully. Women should not abrasion abbreviate skirts and bound or absolute clothing, although there is a added accidental access to accouterment in Goa.