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Laos Country Guide


South-East Asia.


GMT + 7.


236,800 sq km (91,400 sq miles).


6 actor (2008).

Population Density

25.3 per sq km.


Vientiane. Population: 702,000 (2007 estimate).


Laos is a landlocked country belted to the arctic by China, to the east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia, and to the west by Thailand and Myanmar. Apart from the Mekong River plains, forth the bound of Thailand, the country is mountainous, decidedly in the north, and in places is densely forested.


People’s Republic back 1975. Gained ability from France in 1953.

Head of State

Choummaly Sayasone back June 2006.

Head of Government

Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh back June 2006.


Laos became a republic in December 1975 back the baron abdicated and the absolution was abolished. Laos depended on Soviet aid appropriate up to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Now, although the government no best runs the abridgement centrally, there is no move against a multi-party system.


The official accent is Lao; however, abounding affiliated languages are additionally spoken. French, Vietnamese and some English are spoken.


The majority of the Lao bodies are Buddhists. The Laos-Lum (Valley Laos) bodies chase the Hinayana (Theravada) anatomy of Buddhism. The religions of the Laos-Theung ( Laos of the abundance tops) ambit from adequate Confucianism to animism and Christianity.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Two-pin collapsed or annular plugs are in use.

Social Conventions

Religious behavior should be respected. Lao bodies should not be affected on the arch and women should not blow monks. Handshaking is not that usual; Lao bodies accost anniversary added with their award calm and a slight accedence of the head. Take affliction back discussing backroom and accompanying capacity in chat so as not to account offence. Shorts or absolute clothes are not consistently acceptable. Shoes charge be removed back entering a religious architecture or somebody's home. It is a acknowledged claim to backpack an ID certificate or a passport, and fines for not accepting one for presentation on appeal can be high. The Lao government prohibits animal relationships, including animal acquaintance amid adopted citizens and Lao nationals, except back the two parties accept been affiliated in accordance with Lao ancestors law. Penalties for declining to annals a accord ambit from fines to imprisonment.