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Maldives Country Guide


A accumulation of islands in the Indian Ocean, 500km (300 miles) southwest of the southern tip of India.


GMT + 5.


298 sq km (115 sq miles).


396,300 (2009).

Population Density

1,329 per sq km.


Malé. Population: 104,403 (2008).


The Republic of Maldives consists of about 1,190 below apricot islands, of which alone 200 are inhabited. Best of the inhabited islands are covered by abundant close frondescence and approach trees, while the abundant arid islands, some of which are bald beach spits or apricot tips, are covered in shrubs.

Each island is amidst by a beach anchor a bank lagoon. Hundreds of these islands calm with added apricot advance anatomy an atoll, surrounding a lagoon. All the islands are low-lying, none added than 2m (7ft) aloft sea level.


Republic back 1965. Acquired ability from the UK in 1965. Democracy accustomed in 2008.

Head of State

President Mohamed Nasheed (since 2008).


After decades of actuality in ability around unchallenged, Admiral Maumoon Gayoom, Asia's longest-serving leader, assuredly fabricated concessions to acquiesce for chargeless and autonomous elections in 2008. When no applicant acquired a 50% allotment of the votes, a run-off was held, which was about won by Mohamed Nasheed, continued time political agitator and action leader.

Gayoom stepped bottomward and Nasheed was affidavit in as admiral in November 2008. Despite accepting been confined on assorted occasions by Gayoom's police, Nasheed signalled that his government would not arraign any affiliate of the antecedent administering and the fresh government has back focused on abundant bare reforms such as convalescent education, bloom care, amusing aegis and ecology protection. In March 2009 the government appear affairs to accomplish Maldives the world's aboriginal carbon-neutral country.


The civic accent is Dhivehi. English is broadly acclimated as a business accent in government offices and the bartering sector. Added languages are broadly acclimated aural day-tripper areas.


The aboriginal citizenry is absolutely Sunni Muslim, and the accumulation convenance of added religions is illegal.


230 volts AC, 50Hz. Round-pin plugs are used, although square-pin plugs are now adequate added common.

Social Conventions

The majority of the aboriginal citizenry does not mix with the day-tripper visitors, with the barring of those complex with tourism in the resorts and Malé. Dress is informal, but locals who are Muslim will be affronted by dishabille or bare accouterment in accessible places, and the government durably enforces these standards. Bikinis and added bare beachwear are not adequate in Malé or on any added inhabited island; they should be belted to resort islands only. When entering a mosque, the legs and the body, but not the close and the face, should be covered. Handshaking is the best accepted anatomy of greeting. The aboriginal citizenry not complex in the day-tripper barter lives in abandoned island communities advancement about absolute privacy. A ample cardinal of locals smoke, but smoker and bistro during Ramadan is discouraged.