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Mexico Country Guide


Central America.


Central Standard Time: GMT - 6 (GMT - 5 from aboriginal Sunday in April to aftermost Sunday in October).

Mountain Standard Time: GMT - 7 (GMT - 6 from aboriginal Sunday in April to aftermost Sunday in October).

Pacific Standard Time: GMT - 8 (GMT - 7 from aboriginal Sunday in April to aftermost Sunday in October).


1,959,248 sq km (758,449 sq miles).


111.2 actor (2009).

Population Density

56.7 per sq km.


Mexico City. Population: 22 actor (2009).


Mexico is at the southern acme of Arctic America and is belted to the arctic by the USA, northwest by the Gulf of California, west by the Pacific, south by Guatemala and Belize, and east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Mexico's bounded actualization ambit from swamp to desert, and from close lowland boscage to aerial aerial vegetation. Over bisected the country is at an distance greater than 1,000m (3,300ft). The axial acreage accumulation is a plateau belted by ranges of mountains to the east and west that lie almost alongside to the coast. The arctic breadth of this plateau is barren and agilely populated, and occupies 40% of the absolute breadth of Mexico.


Republic back 1917. Gained ability from Spain in 1821.

Head of State

President Felipe Calderón back 2006.


The July 2006 presidential elections were a carefully fought contest, with bourgeois applicant Felipe Calderón binding out his left-wing battling Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador by beneath than 1%. Obrador banned to concede, and accepted a recount, activation his supporters to assemblage in protest. Calderón's win was accepted by the balloter agency in September 2006, afterward a fractional recount, and he was inaugurated on 1 December 2006.

Since demography office, Calderón has had some success with his boxy behavior adjoin the biologic cartels and the abandon that surrounds them. The barrage of the Aboriginal Employment Program to maximise job opportunities aural Mexico was criticised by some as not actuality far alignment enough. Spiralling blah costs internationally accept meant tortillas, the basic diet of the country's poor, accept attempt up in amount - Calderón responded by putting a beam on tortilla prices, with bound results.


Spanish is the official accent (spoken by added than 90%). English is broadly spoken. 8% allege aboriginal languages, of which Nátinate is best common.


89% Roman Catholic, 5% Protestant and 6% added denominations.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. American two-pin (flat) plugs are usual.

Social Conventions

Handshaking is the best accepted anatomy of greeting. Casual abrasion is adequate during the day throughout Mexico. At bank resorts, accouterment is actual breezy for men and women. In Mexico City, however, actualization tends to be acute in affected restaurants and auberge dining rooms. Smoker is banned in all amid accessible places, amiss by annealed fines and alike a bastille book - although smoker in confined and restaurants is acceptable if they accept abstracted apartment or alfresco areas.