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Morocco Country Guide


North Africa.




710,850 sq km (274,461 sq miles).


31.6 actor (2008).

Population Density

44 per sq km.


Rabat. Population: 1.6 actor (2005).


Morocco is amid on the westernmost tip of arctic Africa, adjoining Algeria to the east, Mauritania and the acknowledged area of Western Sahara to the southwest and southeast, the Atlantic ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the north.

Running through the average of the country is the Atlas abundance range.The Average Atlas ambit sweeps up from the south, ascent to over 3,000m (9,850ft), covered with woodlands of pine, oak and cedar, accessible pastureland and baby lakes. The Rif Mountains run forth the arctic coast. Generally snow-covered in winter, Morocco's mountains are home to the country's cogent aboriginal Berber population.

The continued amplitude of Atlantic bank bottomward Morocco's western ancillary appearance air-conditioned breezes and continued albino beaches. It is afar from the aerial arena by advanced swathes of abundant plains. To the north, is the Mediterranean coast, aloof a stone's bandy from Europe.

In the south of the country, the Sahara is the better arid in the world. Far from actuality featureless, it is dotted with alluring adequate villages and air-conditioned oases.


Constitutional absolution back 1956, back Morocco acquired ability from France.

Head of State

King Mohammed VI back 1999.

Head of Government

Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi back 2007.


Since King Mohammed VI was adored in 1999, the country has instituted across-the-board political and bread-and-butter changes. Although abjection is still boundless and unemployment charcoal high, initiatives to allure adopted advance and tourism are bringing fresh opportunities to burghal areas. The animal rights almanac is clearly bigger from the antecedent regime, and today ranks amid the cleanest beyond Africa and the Average East. Women accept benefitted from apprenticeship initiatives and broadcast rights, and fresh protections for Berber (Amazigh) ability accommodate the addition of Tamazight (written Berber) in schools.

Morocco's assembly has abandoned nominal power, but the country's aboriginal borough elections in 2002 were hailed as a footfall appear democratisation. Islamist and added political factions are carefully monitored, as is the account media. Two territorial disputes remain: the Western Sahara, claimed by the aboriginal Sahrawi Polisario Front, and the Spanish-occupied enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, on Morocco's Mediterranean coast.


The official accent is Arabic. Berber is not clearly recognised alike admitting it is the accent of the country's aboriginal inhabitants, who anatomy a majority. French is broadly announced throughout the country, except in the arctic regions area Spanish is added predominant. English is additionally understood, decidedly in the arctic and above day-tripper destinations like Marrakech.


Predominantly Muslim with Jewish, Christian and Hindu minorities. Morocco's citizenry and ability is a alloy of religious and cultural traditions, encompassing Berber, Arab, African, Mediterranean and Jewish influences.


110/220 volts AC, 50Hz, depending on age and area of building.

Social Conventions

Greetings absorb a handshake and affable inquiries afterwards health, beatitude and family, and no business is discussed until afterwards these pleasantries. Friends may tack on a audacity air-kiss or two. Moroccan chattiness makes accustomed interactions added pleasant, if longer; backbone and extroversion are assets. In the souks, vendors to alarm out to customers, badinage and arresting up conversations afore acceding begins. Back offered tea, it's affable to at atomic booty a sip.

Although accidental accessory is broadly acceptable, cutting any accouterment that reveals accoutrements or legs is disrespectful. Swimsuits, shorts, sleeveless acme and adhering accouterment should be bedfast to the bank or poolside for both men and women. Women travelling abandoned can apprehend advice and friendship, but will abstain disproportionate absorption if they awning up, alluringly in bounded garb. Sexual relations alfresco alliance (including homosexual conduct) are apparently amiss by law, but this is not generally enforced. Smoker is widespread, admitting sometimes bound to smoker sections in restaurants. Drinking booze in appearance of a abbey is awful aweless and booze licences are expensive, but booze is generally served carefully central or on terraces.