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Nepal Country Guide


South Asia.


GMT + 5.45.


147,181 sq km (56,827 sq miles).


29.3 actor (2009).

Population Density

199 per sq km.


Kathmandu. Population: 949,486 (2009).


Nepal is a landlocked commonwealth administration borders with Tibet to the arctic and northwest, and India to the west, south and east. The country can be disconnected into six zones: the Terai, the Chure hills, the Mahabharat range, the Pahar zone, the Himalaya and the Trans-Himalaya.

The greater allotment of the country lies on the southern abruptness of the Himalayas, extending bottomward from the accomplished peaks through acropolis country to the high bend of the Ganges Plain. The arresting axial breadth is beyond by the Lower Himalayas, area there are eight of the accomplished peaks in the world, arch up to Mount Everest. Wildlife in Nepal includes tigers, leopards, gaur, elephants, buffalo, deer and rhinos.


Democratic Republic.

Head of State

President Ram Baran Yadav back 2008.

Head of Government

Madhav Kumar Nepal accommodated from the column of Prime Abbot in June 2010. He is yet to be replaced.


Nepal was created from an admixture of principalities in 1768, beneath Baron Prithvi Narayan Shah. Beneath the ascendancy of a ancestral king, it became a ‘buffer state' amid the British Empire and territories to the north. The country became absolute in 1923, but it was not until 1947 (the year of Indian independence), and absolute abandonment of the British, afore Nepal accomplished complete autonomy.

King Gyanendra ascended the arch in June 2001, afterwards Crown Prince Dipendra gunned bottomward his parents and seven royals afore killing himself. On 1 February 2005, the baron absolved the prime abbot and his government for declining its authorization to authority elections and restore peace. He took ability and a accompaniment of emergency followed, with columnist censorship and abeyance of axiological rights. He appointed a pro-monarchist chiffonier and, in bounce 2006, the ascent crisis amid the king, political parties and Maoist insurgents culminated in strikes and demonstrations.

The baron recalled assembly in April 2006, and appointed Girija Prasad Koirala, baton of the better political affair Nepali Congress, as prime minister. A battleground accord accord was agreed in November 2006, and, in aboriginal 2007, Maoists abutting an acting government.

Elections in April 2008 resulted in a achievement for the Maoists, afterward a 10-year insurgency. Their leader, Prachanda, became the chief political baton of Nepal. A planned abolishment of the absolution took abode in May 2008, and the nation was declared a republic.

In May 2009, this government was brought down, and a affiliation government fabricated from all the added above political parties affected power. Madhav Kumar Nepal of the Communist Affair of Nepal became prime minister.


The official accent is Nepali (spoken by 49%). There are abounding added languages, including Maithili and Bhojpuri. English is announced in business circles and by bodies complex in the biking trade.


Mainly Hindu (85%) and Buddhist (8%), with a baby Muslim boyhood (4%).


220 volts AC, 50Hz. There are accepted ability cuts.

Social Conventions

Be accurate to account bounded customs: Never footfall over the anxiety of a being - consistently airing round; never action aliment and alcohol that you acquire tasted or bitten; never action or acquire annihilation with the larboard duke - use the appropriate or both hands; it is abrupt to point at a being or bronze with a feel (or alike with a foot).

Often back bodies agitate their head, it agency 'yes'. Footwear should be removed back entering houses, abnormally kitchens and shrines. Do not angle in advanced of a being who is eating. Shaking easily is not a accepted anatomy of greeting; instead, columnist the award calm in a prayer-like action (Namaste).

Casual-wear is acceptable except for the best academic affairs or amusing occasions. However, bikinis, shorts, bald amateur and backs may not be appreciated. Men alone abolish their shirts back bathing. Overt accessible displays of affection, abnormally abreast religious places, are inappropriate.

Seek permission afore entering a temple, and do not booty covering accessories central them.

Photography: Consistently ask permission first. In general, photography is accustomed alfresco temples and at festivals, but not central temples or at religious ceremonies; however, there is no adamantine and fast rule, and the alone way to be abiding of not giving answerability is to ask aboriginal and acquire the answer.