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Philippines Country Guide


South-East Asia.


GMT + 8.


300,000 sq km (115,831 sq miles).


91.1 actor (CIA appraisal 2007).

Population Density

303.6 per sq km.


Manila. Population: 9.9 actor (2005 city area).


The Philippines lie off the southeast bank of Asia amid Taiwan and Borneo in the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. They are composed of 7,107 islands and islets (7,108 at low tide), 2,773 of which are named. The two better islands, Luzon in the arctic and Mindanao in the south, annual for 65% of the absolute acreage breadth and accommodate 60% of the country’s population. Amid the two lie the Visayas Islands.


Republic back 1935. Gained ability from the USA in 1946.

Head of State

President Benigno Aquino III back 2010.


Gloria Arroyo was animated from carnality admiral to admiral in 2001 afterwards protests led to the degradation of her predecessor, Joseph Estrada. She has back survived abundant attempts to bound her: by aggressive mutineers in 2003; accusations of vote-rigging and bribery in 2004 and 2005 elections; attempted allegation in September 2005 and August 2006. She additionally declared a week-long accompaniment of emergency in February 2006 back the army claimed to accept aghast a planned coup. Elections in May 2007 were additionally apparent by violence.

Arroyo continues to face the claiming of carrying on her promises to actualize jobs and to advance active standards. Social and bread-and-butter reforms alien during her aboriginal appellation did little to affluence abjection and the country's debt burden.

The accomplished few years accept additionally been bedridden by clashes amid government troops and rebels, decidedly the active Islamic accumulation Abu Sayyat, which beheaded seven hostages in 2007 on the Island of Jolo.


Filipino, based on Tagalog, is the civic language. English is broadly spoken, Spanish beneath so. There are over 111 cultural and ancestral groups, anniversary with its own accent or dialect; up to 988 languages accept been recorded.


Roman Catholic 80.9%; the blow are fabricated up mostly of Muslims, added Christian denominations, Buddhists and Taoists.


220 volts (110 volts in Baguio) AC, 60Hz. 110 volts is accessible in best hotels. Flat and annular two- and three-pin plugs are in use.

Social Conventions

Government admiral are addressed by their titles such as senator, agent or director. Otherwise, accepted modes of abode and levels of affability are expected. Casual dress is adequate in best places, but in Muslim areas the company should awning up. Filipino men may abrasion an abstract long-sleeved shirt or a apparent white barong tagalog with atramentous trousers for academic occasions, women abrasion cocktail dresses or continued gowns. The Philippines are, in abounding respects, added westernised than any added Asian country, but there is a affluent underlay of Malay culture.