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Puerto Rico Country Guide




GMT - 4.


8,870 sq km (3,459 sq miles).


3.94 actor (2007).

Population Density

444.2 per sq km.


San Juan. Population: 442,447 (2004).


Puerto Rico is an island east of the Dominican Republic and west of the British Virgin Islands. Also included are several abate islands, such as Culebra, Mona and Vieques. The island is analogously small, 8,959 sq km (3,459 sq miles), with a axial abundance ambit extensive an distance of 1,338m (4,390ft) at Cerro de Punta, and amidst by low littoral plains. The basic is on the northeast shore. Much of the accustomed backwoods has been austere for agriculture, but the copse in the northeast are adequate as a civic park. The added capital towns are Aguadilla, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, Carolina, Cayey, Farjardo, Guaynabo, Mayagüez and Ponce.


Self-governing US Commonwealth Territory (incorporated). Gained centralized freedom in 1951.

Head of State

President Barack Obama back 2009.

Head of Government

Governor Luis Guillermo Fortuno back 2009.


In 1998, the third election in 30 years asked Puerto Ricans to adjudge amid adequate the USA's 51st state, adequate independent, entering a bunched of chargeless affiliation or application the cachet quo. They almost voted for the cachet quo. Independence charcoal a acute issue, however, and its advocates accustomed a addition in 2003 back the US aggressive concluded its use of the island of Vieques for aggressive contest afterwards 60 years.

At the end of 2004, Sila Maria Calderón of the PPD was against by Anibal Acevedo Vila. It was an acutely abutting race. Afterwards two months of altercation and recounts, Acevedo Vila, baton of the pro-Commonwealth Popular Democratic Party, aching through and was accepted as the fresh arch of government.

In 2006, an address was taken to the US Supreme Court requesting that Puerto Ricans be accustomed the appropriate to vote in US presidential elections; about the address was rejected.


Spanish and English are the official languages.


Roman Catholic 85%; the butt are added Christian denominations and Jews.


110 volts AC, 60Hz.

Social Conventions

Handshaking is the accepted anatomy of greeting. Casual dress is acceptable, but shorts should not be beat in auberge dining apartment or casinos, area academic dress is appropriate afterwards 2000. Spanish and American amenities and conventions abide ancillary by ancillary on the island. Some hotels crave academic dress.