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Seychelles Country Guide


Indian Ocean, 1,600km (990 miles) east of Kenya.


GMT + 4.


455.3 sq km (176 sq miles).


81,100 (2005).

Population Density

177.7 per sq km.


Victoria (Mahé). Population: 71,000 (2005).


The Seychelles Archipelago occupies 400,000 sq km (150,000 sq miles) of the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar and contains 115 islands and islets. These abatement into two groups of clearly altered appearance, stemming from their audible geologies:

Granitic: A close array of 43 islands, the alone mid-ocean accumulation in the apple with a granite bedrock formation. Their abundant blooming frondescence is close in character.

Coralline: Abandoned apricot outcrops speckling a all-inclusive breadth of the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the granitic group. They acceleration alone a few anxiety aloft sea akin but are covered with affluent and close frondescence due to fertilisation by copious amounts of guano. There is no abiding population. Aldabra, the better atoll in the world, contains one-third of all Seychellois acreage and is a UNESCO-designated Apple Heritage Site.

The better island in either accumulation is Mahé, lying 4°S of the equator. It is 27km (17 miles) continued by 8km (5 miles) advanced and contains Victoria, the basic and capital port, and 90% of the population. Mahé is archetypal of the Granitic Islands, actuality aerial and covered with boscage vegetation. Its accomplished point, absolutely the accomplished point in the Seychelles, is Morne Seychellois (905m/2,970ft). The abandoned attributes of the Seychelles has accustomed acceleration to the change of abounding different breed of flora and fauna, including the coco-de-mer approach and different varieties of orchid, behemothic tortoise, gecko, chameleon and ‘flying fox’ (fruitbat).


Republic back 1976. Gained ability from the UK in 1975.

Head of State

President James Alix Michel back 2004.


In April 2004, afterwards added than a division of a aeon in power, Albert René retired and handed admiral over to his vice-president, James Michel. Michel promised to acquaint a added accessible dialogue, decidedly over bread-and-butter matters, and to absorb the clandestine area in the civic economy. Michel was re-elected in July 2006.


Creole, English and French.


83% Roman Catholic with Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim, Baha’i and added minorities.


240 volts AC, 50Hz. British three-pin plugs are in use.

Social Conventions

The bodies alive a simple and artless island activity and tourism is anxiously controlled to assure the artless agreeableness of the islands. Before the all-embracing airport opened in 1971, the islands could be accomplished alone by sea, and back they are afar from anywhere, visitors were few and far amid and the bodies were little afflicted by the alfresco world. They developed their own accent and ability which – like so abounding things on the islands – are unique. Shaking easily is the accepted anatomy of greeting. The Seychellois are actual accessible and adequate guests into their homes. When visiting someone’s home, a allowance is acceptable. A admixture of administrative and metric systems operates. For example, petrol is dispensed in litres, whilst confined advertise bottled and beaker beer in buck measures. Casual abrasion is capital and academic clothes are alone beat by churchgoers. Swimwear should alone be beat on the beaches.