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St Lucia Country Guide


Eastern Caribbean, Windward Islands.


GMT - 4.


616.3 sq km (238 sq miles).


165,000 (UN appraisal 2007).

Population Density

267.7 per sq km.


Castries. Population: 67,000 (official appraisal 2004).


St Lucia is the second-largest of the Windward Islands. It has some of the finest abundance backdrop in the West Indies and is affluent with close vegetation. For such a baby island, 43km (27 miles) by 23km (14 miles), St Lucia has a abundant array of bulb and beastly life. Orchids and alien plants abound agrarian in the rainforests, and the roadsides are covered with abounding colourful close flowers. Indigenous wildlife includes a breed of arena cadger different to St Lucia. The Amazona assorted parrot is another, admitting added elusive, aborigine of the abysmal autogenous rainforest.

The accomplished aiguille is Mount Gimie at 950m (3,117ft). Best amazing are Gros Piton and Petit Piton, ancient, agitable forest-covered cones which acceleration out of the sea on the west coast. The mountains are intersected by abbreviate rivers which in some areas anatomy ample abundant valleys. The island has accomplished beaches and is amidst by a clear, balmy sea.


Constitutional monarchy. Gained ability from the UK in 1979.

Head of State

Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by Governor General Calliopa Pearlette Louisy back 1997.

Head of Government

Stephenson King has been Prime Minister back September 2007.


Sir John Compton's United Worker Party ousted Kenny Anthony's St Lucia Labour Party in the December 2006 elections. The capital attack issues were aerial unemployment and ascent levels of crime. John Compton ahead led St Lucia from 1964-1979 and afresh from 1982-1996. He came out of retirement in 2005 and was 81 at the time of his best contempo victory. In May 2007, Compton became ill and appointed Minister for Health Stephenson King as acting Prime Minister. After Compton anesthetized abroad on September 7, 2007, King was affidavit in as the island's fresh Prime Minister.


English and bounded French patois.


Majority Roman Catholic (78%) with some Anglican, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist and Baptist.


220 volts AC, 50Hz.

Social Conventions

St Lucians are affable and accessible and animate visitors to relax and get pleasure their comfortable lifestyle. The adequate dress of the madras and foulards are not generally apparent in towns, but are sometimes beat at festivals such as the Feast of St Rose of Lima in August. Casual abrasion is acceptable, although some hotels and restaurants animate guests to dress for dinner. Beachwear should not be beat in towns. It is an answerability for anyone, including children, to dress in appearance clothing. Certain homosexual acts are illegal.