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United States Of America Country Guide


North America.


The USA is disconnected into six time zones:

Eastern Standard Time: GMT - 5 (GMT - 4 from additional Sunday in March to aboriginal Sunday in November).

Central Standard Time: GMT - 6 (GMT - 5 from additional Sunday in March to aboriginal Sunday in November).

Mountain Standard Time: GMT - 7 (GMT - 6 from additional Sunday in March to aboriginal Sunday in November. Arizona does not beam DST).

Pacific Standard Time: GMT - 8 (GMT - 7 from additional Sunday in March to aboriginal Sunday in November).

Alaska: GMT - 9 (GMT - 8 from additional Sunday in March to aboriginal Sunday in November).

Hawaii: GMT - 10.


9,826,630 sq km (3,794,083 sq miles).


301 actor (official appraisal 2007).

Population Density

32.5 per sq km.


Washington, DC. Population: 581,530 (2006). Over 25 added cities accept a citizenry beyond than that of Washington, DC. New York is the better city, with a citizenry of 8.3 actor (2006). Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Diego had populations alignment from 1.2 - 3.8 actor in 2005.


Covering a ample allotment of the Arctic American continent, the USA shares borders with Canada to the arctic and Mexico to the south and has coasts on the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The Accompaniment of Alaska, in the northwest bend of the continent, is afar from the blow of the USA by Canada, and Hawaii lies in the axial Pacific Ocean. The third-largest country in the apple (after the Russian Federation and Canada), the USA has an astronomic assortment of bounded features. The altitude ranges from subtropical to Arctic, with a agnate across of flora and fauna. For a added abundant description of anniversary region's bounded characteristics, see the alone accompaniment sections.


Federal Republic back 1789. Acquired ability from the UK in 1776. The USA has 50 States and the District of Columbia (as in ‘ Washington, DC'), which lies amid Maryland and Virginia.

Head of State

President Barack Obama back 2009.


National aegis in accepted is a above affair for the USA. Admiral George W Bush anchored a additional appellation at the presidential acclamation in November 2004 while the Republicans anchored their anchor on the Senate, kept ascendancy of the House of Representatives, and additionally presided over the achievability of added changes in the Supreme Court. Mid-term acclamation after-effects in November 2006 represented a turnaround of accessible assessment as the Democrats acquired the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives.

The acclamation of November 2008 saw a almanac assembly and achievement to Democrat applicant Barack Obama. He took over from George W Bush as admiral in January 2009.


English, with cogent Spanish-speaking minorties (10.7%).


Protestant majority (52%) with Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jewish and abounding indigenous minorities.


110 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs are of the collapsed two-pin type. European electrical accessories not adapted with dual-voltage capabilities will crave a bung adaptor, which is best purchased afore accession in the USA.

Social Conventions

Americans are acclaimed for their artlessness and affability to visitors. The advanced array of civic origins and the USA's almost abbreviate history has resulted in abundant cultural and acceptable community active alongside anniversary other. In ample cities, bodies of the aforementioned indigenous accomplishments generally alive aural authentic communities. Shaking easily is the accepted anatomy of greeting. A airy and breezy atmosphere is usually the norm. As continued as the axiological rules of address are observed, there charge be no abhorrence of behind anyone of any background. Gifts are accepted if one is arrive to a clandestine home. As a rule, dress is casual. High-end restaurants, hotels and clubs may crave added academic attire. Smoker is more abhorred in the US; it is capital to ask permission afore lighting up. Smoker is not accustomed on burghal carriage and belted or banned in accessible barrio in best states. There will be a acquaint apprehension area no smoker is requested. An accretion cardinal of states (including California and New York) accept banned smoker altogether in bars, restaurants and abounding accessible places.

Information on the USA is provided in two parts: a accepted overview and alone Accompaniment profiles, anniversary of which has its own section.