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US Virgin Island Country Guide


Caribbean, Leeward Islands.


GMT - 4.


347.1 sq km (134 sq miles).


108,708 (2005 estimate).

Population Density

313.18 per sq km.


Charlotte Amalie ( St Thomas). Population: 18,914 (2005).


The islands are anchored 64km (40 miles) east of Puerto Rico and comprise some 50 islands covered with abundant close vegetation. St Thomas is continued and narrow, ascent abruptly to a backbone with an accomplished deep-water harbour. St John is covered partly in bay forests. St Croix consists of 215 sq km (83 sq miles) of rolling ex-plantation land.


US External Territory (Unincorporated). Gained a admeasurement of freedom in 1954. Although US Virgin Islands association are US citizens, they cannot vote in presidential elections – one adopted agent represents the islands in the US House of Representatives. The 1954 Organic Act created an adopted 15-member Senate for the islands. Back 1970, controlling ascendancy has been vested in an adopted governor who serves a four-year term.

Head of State

President Barack Obama back 2009.

Head of Government

Governor John de Jongh back 2006.


De Jongh abominably ran for governor in 2002 (receiving the additional accomplished bulk of votes out of eight candidates) as an absolute candidate. He won the governorship in the 2006 accepted acclamation afterwards acquisition Kenneth Mapp in a run-off election, with over 57% of the vote. De Jongh captivated the abutment of the business community, amid others, and the expectations of the bodies for a competently-run public-private affiliation in the years to come. De Jongh took the adjuration of appointment on 1 January 2007 to become the 7th adopted Governor of the US Virgin Islands. Prior to this, he had never served in constituent office.


English is the official language. Spanish and Creole are additionally broadly spoken.


Christian, mainly Protestant.


120 volts AC, 60Hz.

Social Conventions

The US Virgin Islanders are overwhelmingly affable and accessible and the clip of activity is actual relaxed. Shaking easily is the accustomed anatomy of greeting and the adapted time of day (good morning/afternoon/evening) is usually accurate at every encounter. Politeness and address is expected. Dress is breezy for best occasions afar from the academic requirements of some hotels.